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Philips 725 Desktop Dictation Device

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The Philips 725 is a cassette-based dictation desktop that ensures user-friendly dictation of the highest professional quality. An LCD lists all of the information needed to manage the dictation workflow and a sophisticated search function allows data to be accessed quickly. Just add a headphone and a foot pedal and your Desktop 725 becomes an advanced transcription machine. Key features include: Fast return to the beginning of the tape with auto rewind; quick access to the start of the next job with search forward and skip functions; and LCD tape counter showing information stored on cassette. Technical specifications include: Weight 1150 grams, Dimensions 135 x 232 x 50 mm; Acoustic frequency response: 200 - 6,000 Hz; output power > 600 mW; earphones socket; foot control socket, microphone socket and power supply socket.