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Philips 5284 SpeechMike Barcode

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The Philips 5284 allows users to attach patient or client information to dictations and securely allocate the data to the relevant file. This device boasts advanced recording, editing, playback and navigation functions for greater dictation efficiency, documentation accuracy and data security. Dictation workflow has never been quicker or easier. Key benefits include: 4-Position Switch or push-button version for single-handed use; Dust-proof optical trackball and scroll wheel for precise navigation; Four fully programmable buttons for individual customization; Clearly visible LEDs to indicate recording, inserting and overwriting modes; Ergonomic design is suitable for both right- and left-handed users; Dedicated button for recording of spoken instructions; Superb sound quality– ideal for speech recognition and compatibility with USB 2.0. Please contact SBM for more information and to learn about the key benefits associated with the Barcode Scanner component of the Philips 5284.