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Courtroom Recording

SBM Electronics has been in the court recording business for over 30 years. We provide a multi-channel courtroom recording solution for many of the counties across Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We also provide on-site and remote support to keep your systems up and running with little to no down time.

Audio is collected from microphones installed in the courtroom and stored on a computer residing at the clerk’s desk or on the judge’s bench. Microphones are typically placed near the Judge, Witness, Prosecutor, and Defense tables. Once the audio is stored on the local PC, it is archived to a file server located on the customer’s network. Bookmarks and notes can be embedding into each recording so specific audio recordings can be searched and found easily.

  • The ability to record up to 8 separate audio channels
  • Archiving available to CD, DVD, and Network Shares
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10
  • Confidence Monitoring of audio files during recording
  • Visual audio levels of recording channels
  • Visual time display synced to PC time during recording
  • The ability to export audio files into different formats
  • The ability to encrypt and seal recordings

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