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Complete cloud voice solution that combines digital dictation, speech recognition, workflow, and mobility apps to let you do more in less time.

BigHand Professional is a voice productivity solution that combines digital dictation, work-sharing, mobility apps, compatibility with any current dictation hardware or mobile device - all with the security levels required by professionals using client data. No inhouse server or big up-front expenditure is required. Simply use your voice to get more done quickly, securely, cost-effectively.

What Is BigHand?


BigHand enables authors to record dictations from their iPhone, Windows, Android or Blackberry smartphone or tablet, or with a portable dictation device and send the voice files to support staff for transcription or completion of tasks. Support staff receive the voice files almost instantly, so that work on a dictation can start as soon the recording is complete, increasing efficiency at your firm. Once the dictations have been sent, authors can view the status of the files and who is working on them from their smartphone or desktop. Support staff receive pop-up and/or email notifications when a new dictation is sent to them. They can also see the length, title and priority, giving them complete visibility of their workload.

Key Features


Desktop Recording And Work Sharing

BigHand Professional supports a wide range of functionality, enabling authors to:​

  • Edit dictations by recording in Insert or Overwrite mode

  • Add bookmarks

  • Set priorities and due dates

  • Assign work to specific people or workflows

  • Attach links and files such as images or word processing documents

Product Knowledge And Support

BigHand offers 24/5 global technical support, continually striving to ensure product quality, technical expertise and service excellence remain of the highest standard.

Secure And Easy To Install

BigHand Professional is the cloud version of our award- winning technology. Users simply download and install the client software from the Internet and they are ready to go. No need to install any costly server or database software. All data is stored and transmitted securely with 256-bit AES encryption and can be accessed at any time. Setup and maintenance are carried out by BigHand, removing the responsibility and associated cost from customers.

Track Your Workload

Whether an author or assistant BigHand gives visibility of your daily workload in an intuitive interface with updates that occur in real time. You can prioritize urgent work to ensure that important items are not overlooked or recall dictations from work pools where required.

Work On The Go

You can extend your remote working options by using any iPhone, Windows, Android or BlackBerry smartphone or tablet to record and submit work in real time. You can track the progress of your submitted work directly from your smartphone, ensuring deadlines are met in a timely manner and client service is guaranteed.

Additional Features

  • Record and send dictations from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop

  • Send dictations to your support team or the BigHand Speech Recognition Platform for transcription

  • Prioritize your must urgent tasks and set progress alerts to ensure work is always completed on time

  • Attach documents, photos, or important links to your dictations

  • Monitor the progress of all your tasks in one place and in real time

  • Multi-Lingual Speech Recognition Tool

  • View your workflow from your smartphone

Business Benefits

  • Access enterprise level technology on a subscription-based pricing plan

  • Save time with quick installation, set up, and minimal training requirements

  • Work anytime and anywhere with BigHand's Standard Mobility Apps

  • Achieve significant cost savings over other on=premise solutions

  • Improve productivity with BigHand Speech Recognition by reducing manual transcription work

  • Have confidence that your dictations are completely secure at all times

  • Spend your time focusing on higher value tasks that directly impact your customers

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