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Police Interview Room Recording

SBM has been recording police interview rooms for over 5 years now. We provide solutions for many police departments and detective agencies across western Pennsylvania. 

Audio and video are captured through a network camera installed in your interview room. That data is then stored on a computer residing somewhere in your building. Once stored on the local computer, the recordings can be archived to a server so that officers/detectives can view the recordings from their desk. The recording software can be activated from either the computer itself, or a switch on the wall inside the interview room for easy access. Live recordings may be monitored by other officers/detectives from a computer outside of the interview room. 


  • Archive to CD, DVD, Flash Drive, or Network Share

  • Export recordings to universal playback format such as MP4

  • Redaction

  • Live monitoring

  • Microsoft Windows 10 & 11 compatible

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